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" Their funny chitchat on stage is what seemed to have broken the ice and mended their once-troubled friendship.Jay and Show were good friends until they fell out reportedly because of fellow Taiwanese singer, the "Queen of C-pop," Jolin Tsai.Show offered to teach, and got his friend Jay Chou to chip in as well.This move sparked the beginning of a special 3-way friendship bond.

She debuted in the soap series "HI,上班女郎" with actor Show Luo. They have since clarified that they couldn't have been more wrong.~ Jolin inadvertently bumped into Show playing the piano backstage and expressed her interest to learn. B : July 30, 1979 Horoscope : Leo Zodiac : Goat Height : 180 cm Weight : 68 kg Family : Parents ( father deceased) Name : Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 D. B : September 15, 1980Horoscope : Virgo Zodiac : Monkey Height : 158 cm Weight : 40 kg Family : Parents and an elder sister~ Show revealed that he first got to know Jolin upon the release of her 2nd album.~ Show's initial impression of Jolin was that she was ‘pretentious' and Jolin's first impression of Show was that he was ‘flirtatious'.In an interview, she stated that after her music career is over, she hopes to make movies full time, learn more about filming, and act in movies.On June 6, Show shared a photo of him and Jay at the 2016 Hito Music Awards on his Instagram account.

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