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But the connection to “autogynephilia” is not convincing, and I am saying this as one who has worked with male crossdreamers (people who fantasize about becoming their target gender) for more than ten years.

You are clearly aware of the weakness in your theory yourself: “I don’t have a straightforward explanation of why this identification also leads to the development of autogynephilia — why the boy begins desiring to be sexually passive and submissive, even becoming ‘pseudo bisexual’ in Blanchard’s terms, when he is originally heterosexual.” First of all: Most male assigned people do not become crossdreamers.

The aim of this article is to explain the fails of capitalism and socialism and to outline the main points of a possible new system that will ensure social stability and prosperity.

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Or that my words drew them in or were interesting in some way.7.The present-day crisis is not only political and financial, but also a crisis of the concepts of human development.History has it that an economic system either differs significantly from its theoretical model, or is similar to it just for a short period of time.This also applies to those that have repressed their more vulnerable or feminine side to the point you are describing. Yesterday was May 9th 2015 – the day marked the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II.

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