Dating australian rock art

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All the academics agree that Kakadu holds one of the world’s greatest concentrations of rock art; approximately 5000 sites have been recorded, a further 10,000 are thought to exist and these are just a sliver of the total body of art on the Arnhem Land Plateau.The paintings, estimated to range in age from 20,000 years (and probably a lot older) to the recent past, constitute one of the longest historical records of any group of people in the world – one of the reasons that Kakadu is a UNESCO World Heritage site.They are thought to be among the best and oldest preserved rock paintings in Africa.

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Like all forms of cultural expression, Aboriginal art is constantly adapting and changing with time.

Apart from a painting of a Tasmanian tiger, which became extinct on the mainland about 3000 years ago, much of the art at the Ubirr site is less than 1500 years old with examples of x-ray renderings of fish plus contact art including white fellas smoking pipes with hands on their hips.

See it for yourself: All three sites have extensive signage and viewing platforms for self-guided tours. au/parks/kakadu/explore/There are remote rock art sites across the Kimberley; many are difficult to access.

In an area encompassing a nomadic village, the Naasa Hablood hills, the site overlooks a wide district of countryside, where nomads graze their livestock and human settlement is sparse.

Much of Somalia is now comprised of vast badlands and the parched Laas Geel region no longer draws herds of cattle coming to graze and water.

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