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While that’s a great number, the majority of seasoned adults still either use a dumb phone or no mobile device at all.

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Additionally, there is a new English/Spanish Amercia NOVA Chat option using either Acapela or Ivona voices, which offers bilingual speech capabilities.Designed by Gail Van Tatenhove, PA, MS, CCC-SLP, for adults and adolescents with developmental disabilities.Vocabulary in Vocab PC is arranged as carrier phrases, interactive sentences, activity vocabulary and naming words. Both portrait and landscape versions of Vocab PC are included. Multi Chat 15 is now offered in a Student, Adolescent and Adult version.I don’t know about you, but I have somehow become tech support for various friends and family, but I’m not complaining!I am actually thrilled that my 70-something-year-old father has a smartphone and is open to trying new things on it to make his life easier.

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